The Social Research Register

The aim of the register

The Social Research Register is a database for use in perennial analyses of the development in the living conditions of the Danish population.
In 1995, the Danish National Centre for Social Research and Statistics Denmark agreed to form a social research register and how to use its data. The register was first formed for the year 1988 with information on the population’s working life, social conditions as well as family and housing conditions.

Responsible authority

Statistics Denmark


Ole Schnor tel. +45 39 17 39 36, email:


The Social Research Register contains data on the individual level on all of the Danish population for every year in a 10-year period from 1989 onwards. The statistics show the population’s affiliation with the labour market (occupation and employment status, unemployment as well as participation in activation measures), income, income compensating benefits and other social conditions, family/marital status and housing status as well as education status.


Currently, the Social Research Register contains 430 variables, including information on civil reg. no. (identification key for the integration of the sub-registers) and year for each local SRR register.

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark


Quarterly, annual


The Population Statistics Register, the Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Register of Income Compensating Benefits (the Coherent Social Statistics), the Employment Classification Module, the Register for Labour Market Policy Measures, the Unemployment Statistics Register, the Income Statistics Register and the Integrated Database for Labour Market Research (IDA).

Period covered



No statistics are published on the basis of the Social Research Register by Statistics Denmark or in general.