The Danish Civil Registration System (CPR)

The aim of the register

The Danish Civil Registration System (CPR) is a national register containing basic personal information on all who have a civil registration number.

Responsible authority

The Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior


Tel. +45 72 26 97 45 email Telephone hours: Monday-Friday:  8-11 and 12-14


Persons who have been or are currently residing in Denmark (as of 01/04/1968) or Greenland (as of 01/05/1972).


Civil reg. no., name, address, birth registration, citizenship, church membership, parentage, marital status as well as information on the status of the individual registration.

Accessing the data

Everyone is entitled to know what is recorded about them in the register. Government agencies, private companies, associations, foundations, etc. as well as researchers can purchase data from the register.



Period covered