The Labour Force Survey

The aim of the register Serves to provide information primarily on the population’s affiliation with the labour market, i.e. shed light on how many are employed, unemployed, or outside the labour force (students or early retirement recipients).
Responsible authority Statistics Denmark
Contact person Pernille Stender +45 39 17 34 04 
Population Quarterly samples of 15,600 persons aged 15-66.
Variables The labour force surveys divide divide the population into two main groups: People who are part of the labour force, and people who are not.
People who are part of the labour force are further divided into two subgroups: Employed and unemployed people.
Accessing the data Contact Statistics Denmark
Updates Since 1984, the labour force surveys have been conducted annually. However, from 1994 onwards, they have been conducted as one continuous survey.
Source The Danish Civil Registration System (CPR), the Population Statistics Register, the Unemployment Statistics Register (CRAM), the Employment Classification Module (AKM), the Educational Classification Module (UKM) and the Phone Register
Period covered 1984-
References The publication “Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik” (News from Statistics Denmark), the “Arbejdsmarked” series in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News), the publication “Konjunkturstatistik” and StatBank Denmark. Annual publications: Statistical Yearbook and the Labour Force Survey, which is published by the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat). Documentation: Please refer to the “Arbejdsmarked” series in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News).