The Children’s Database

The aim of the register

The Children’s Database aims to gather information on Danish children’s health in a national database, which enables municipalities, regions and the government to track Danish children’s health, and prioritise preventive measures. Individual municipalities can also compare themselves to the other municipalities in Denmark and measure the effect of initiatives in relation to e.g. obesity or breast feeding.

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Data Authority

Contact person

Lise Kristine Højsgaard Schmidt  T: +45 3268 3892



The Children’s Database contains information on every person who has lived in Denmark between 1980 and 1999.


Family relations, Education, Social benefits, Employment, Income and assets, Housing (addresses and housing conditions), Housing (type, ownership, size), Hospitalisations.
A description can be obtained by contacting tel.: +45 39173102 or +45 39173619

Accessing the data

Please contact the Danish Health Data Authority (see the above contact person)




Registers from Statistics Denmark: The Population Statistics Register, the Educational Classification Module, the Employment Classification Module, the Unemployment Statistics Register, the Register for Labour Market Policy Measures, the Income Statistics Register, the Register of Income Compensating Benefits, the Hospital Discharge Register and the Medical Register of Births and Deaths.

Period covered



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