The Register for Labour Market Policy Measures (AMFORA)

The Register for Labour Market Policy Measures (AMFORA)

The aim of the register

The register aims to list the number of participants in various labour market policy measures.

Responsible authority

Statistics Denmark

Contact person

Carsten Bo Nielsen, tel: 3917 3245, email:


The register contains data on persons eligible for unemployment benefits and welfare recipients as well as recipients of introductory benefits aged 16-66.


Policy measure, Start and end date, Hours per week, Type of service and place.
Gender and age are derived from the civil registration number, whereas e.g. research category and unemployment insurance fund information is retrieved from other registers.

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark


Quarterly, annual


Municipal staff information reports, the Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme Office, the early retirement pension register in the Central Register of Labour Market Statistics (CRAM) by the National Labour Market Authority and the Labour Market Policy Register (AMPO) by the National Labour Market Authority.

Period covered



The publication “Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik” (News from Statistics Denmark), the “Arbejdsmarked” series in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News) and StatBank Denmark.
Annual publications: Statistical Yearbook and Statistical Ten-Year Review.
The publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News) 1997:14 contains a detailed description of the labour market policy measures.