The Register of Births

The aim of the register

The Register of Births contains information on all births which have taken place in a hospital or at home.

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Authority

Contact persons

Ditte Trier-Poulsen

Tel: 3268 5129


Emil Nygaard Jørgensen


Tel: 3268 5145



All births that have taken place in a hospital or at home, from 1973 onwards.


The register contains information on the birth itself, the result of the birth, and whether complications have occurred during birth.

Accessing the data

Contact the Danish Health Authority


During the period 1973-1995, the data for the Register of Births was based on forms submitted to the Danish Health Authority. As of 1995, reports on births taking place at a hospital have been submitted electronically via the National Patient Register. Data from the Danish Civil Registration System and submitted forms on births and stillbirths that take place at home are also included in the register.

Period covered