The Register of Prosperity Statistics

The aim of the register

The register primarily aims to shed light on the size, composition and distribution of incomes for persons and families residing in Denmark. The register uses more comprehensive categories of income than the Tax-Related Income Statistics (see description) for a given calendar year. As such, unlike the Tax-Related Income Statistics, the register aims to include as many relevant types of income as possible, irrespective of how these are treated for tax purposes.

Responsible authority

Statistics Denmark


Judith Zukunft, Statistics Denmark. Tel.: +45 39 17 34 15


The tables use families and persons, respectively, as the analysis unit.
A family is defined as one or more persons who live at the same address and who have certain mutual relationships. By this definition, a family consists either of a single person, a couple or a child under 18 years of age not living at home. Children under 18 years of age who is living at home are included in the parents’ family, unless they are married or have children living at home themselves. Persons aged 18 years or older who live at the same address as one or both parents are considered independent families (adults residing with their parents), unless they are married or have children living at home themselves. In that case, they are either included in the “couples” groups or the “singles” group.
Families without at least one adult who was fully tax liable both at the beginning and the end of the year are not included in the published table.
The group of persons is defined as all persons who were 15 years of age or older at the end of the year and who were fully tax liable both at the beginning and the end of the year. This mainly includes persons who have had a permanent address in Denmark throughout the year.


Incomes contain a number of key and overall income variables from the Tax-Related Income Statistics supplemented by information on child benefits and housing benefits. This provides the opportunity for a broader description of incomes and assets for persons as well as families.

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark
The basic material can be found in the Income and Prosperity Statistics Registers, which contain information on individual persons and families. The possibility of using the data for special purposes is limited due to quality and privacy concerns.




Registers from the Central Tax Administration: The Central Register of Final Assessments (CSR-L), the Salary Information Register (COR-S). Registers from Statistics Denmark: The Unemployment Classification Module, the Population Statistics Register, the Register of Housing Allowance Statistics, the Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Register of Child Allowance Statistics, the Property Statistics Register, the Central Register of Motor Vehicles, the Register of Pension Statistics, the Educational Classification Module.


The series “Indkomst, forbrug og priser” in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News) and StatBank Denmark. Annual publication: “Indkomster” (Income)