The Register of Legally Induced Abortions

The aim of the register

The register sheds light on the development in the number of legal abortions. The development in the number of legal abortions is of particular interest from 1973, at which time the law on free abortion before the end of the 12th week of pregnancy was passed.

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Data Authority


Ditte Trier Poulsen

Tel: +45 3268 5129

Emil Nygaard Jørgensen

Tel: +45 3268 5145


Women residing in Denmark.


The woman's age and county

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark




Up to and including 1994, the register was based on reports from the hospitals to the Danish Health Authority, which processes the statistics. As of 1995, data from the National Patient Register forms the basis for the register. Data processing takes place at the Danish Health Authority.

Period covered



The publication “Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik” (News from Statistics Denmark), StatBank Denmark.
Annual publications: “Befolkningens bevægelser”, Statistical Yearbook and Statistical Ten-Year Review.