The Road Traffic Accidents Register

The aim of the register

The register aims to collect and publish information on traffic accidents to create an informed basis for making decisions that can reduce the number of traffic accidents and their consequences.

Responsible authority

Statistics Denmark

Contact person

Henning Christiansen tel. +45 39 17 3305 



The population includes all traffic accidents resulting in personal injuries that come to the attention of the police.


The information on traffic accidents is divided into three main groups:
Accident information, accident specifics (vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles) and personal information.

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark


Monthly, quarterly, annual


Police reports on traffic accidents resulting in personal injuries. The electronic police report is part of the police report.

Period covered



The publication “Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik” (News From Statistics Denmark) and the Transport series in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News).
Annual publications: Statistical Yearbook, Statistical Ten-Year Review and “Færdselsuheld”.