The Medical Register of Births and Deaths

The aim of the register

The Medical Register of Births and Deaths contains information produced by combining information from the Danish Civil Registration System (the National Patient Register as of 1997) with selected information from the reports on births and deaths respectively.

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Data Authority


Anna Qvist, tel. +45 3917 3301, email:
Henning Christiansen, tel. +45 3917 3305, email:


Medical birth statistics: Information on all births in Denmark.
Medical death statistics: All deceased persons who lived in Denmark.


Birth statistics: Mother’s place of residence, age, marital status, citizenship and place of birth. About the child: Live birth/stillbirth, only child/siblings as well as gender, length, weight and parity.
Death statistics: Gender, age, place of residence, citizenship and place of birth as well as information on the place and causes of death.

Accessing the data

Data can be obtained from the Danish Health Authority or through Statistics Denmark.




The Danish Civil Registration System (CPR), Birth reports via the Danish Health Authority, Death certificates via the Danish Health Authority, the National Patient Register - as of 1997 via the Danish Health Authority.

Period covered



The publication “Befokningens bevægelser”, Statistical Yearbook, Statistical Ten-Year Review and StatBank Denmark.