The Danish Cancer Register

The aim of the register

The national registration of newly diagnosed cancer cases

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Data Authority

Contact person

Milan Fajber
Tel.: +45 3268 5143

Margit Rasted
Tel: +45 3268 5153

Lise Kristine Højsgaard Schmidt
Tel: +45 3268 3892

Helle Rejnhold Sørensen
Tel.: +45 3268 5210


Newly diagnosed cancer cases and other reportable diseases in Denmark


The Danish Cancer Register contains the time of diagnosis for the reported disease, its location and its type. Furthermore, the dissemination of the disease in relation to the time of diagnosis is registered, i.e. within the first four months, how the diagnosis was made, and which treatment has been given within the first four months following the time of diagnosis

Accessing the data

Contact the persons mentioned above

Period covered

Reporting occurred on a voluntary basis until March 1987, after which it became compulsory according to an order by the Danish Health Authority on 15 January 1987. On 1 January 1997, the Danish Cancer Register was transferred from the Danish Cancer Society to the Danish Health Authority. As of 1 March 2012, all the registers of the Danish Health Authority, including the Danish Cancer Register, were transferred to the The Danish Health Data Authority.