The Register of Pension Statistics

The aim of the register

The register aims to shed light on the number of recipients of social pensions distributed by recipients of state pension, early retirement pension and disability benefits as well as the annual amount paid.

Responsible authority

Statistics Denmark

Contact persons

Jarl Quitzau
tel. +45 3917 3594


The Pension Statistics Register deals with all social pension recipients, state pension recipients aged 67 or older as well as recipients of early retirement or disability benefits aged 18-66.


The statistics are categorised by age, gender, pension type, marital status, nursing home residents, county and municipality as well as the amount paid.

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark




Kommunedata’s social pensions register (the joint municipal pension system, including the city of Copenhagen) as well as Columbus IT for the municipality of Farum.

Period covered

The pension statistics can be traced back to 1970. As of 1983, the statistics are based on Statistics Denmark’s pension statistics register.


The publication “Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik” (News from Statistics Denmark), the “Sociale forhold, sundhed og retsvæsen” series in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News) and the “Socialstatistik” series in the publication “Statistikservice”.
Annual publications: Statistical Yearbook, Statistical Ten-Year Review and “Social Tryghed i de nordiske lande” published by NOSOSKO.
StatBank Denmark (, which contains the following matrices:
Social pension recipients by area, pension type, amount, marital status and gender (as of 1984-2002)
Social pension recipients etc. by area, pension type, nursing home stays, age and gender (as of 1984-2002)
Social pension paid by area (in 1,000 DKK), pension type, amount, marital status and gender (as of 1984-2002)
Each annual article in the publication “Statistiske Efterretninger” (Statistical News) in the series “Sociale forhold, sundhed og retsvæsen” contains accounts of the legal basis, including any changes to the legal basis since the previous year.