The Register of Coercive Measures in Psychiatric Treatment

The aim of the register

The register aims to form the basis for the supervision and monitoring tasks of the Danish Health Authority. The register also provides the necessary information for the statistical, planning and management tasks of the Danish Health Authority within the field of psychiatry

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Authority


Sheila Kristensen, Email:, Tel: +45 3268 3664


The register contains information on:

* involuntary commitments
* forced treatments
* the use of restraints
* the locking of the ward’s outer door
* physical coercion in the form of holding down patients or administering sedatives 
* protective measures 

The register also contains mandatory reports on the number of discharge agreements and coordination plans.  The body of health inspectors supervises the use of force in psychiatric wards

Accessing the data

Contact the Danish Health Authority



Period covered