The National Patient Register

The aim of the register

- To form the basis for the Danish Health Authority’s ongoing hospital statistics and to provide the public institutions responsible for the hospital planning with the necessary basis for decision-making
- To provide basic material in connection with the supervision of the frequency of various diseases and treatments
- To contribute to medical research and quality assurance

Responsible authority

The Danish Health Data Authority


Kristian Nielsen


Erik Villadsen


The register contains information on persons who have been admitted to somatic hospital departments since 1977. As of 1995, ambulatory and emergency department patients are also included in the register. As of that year, all psychiatric departments also submit report to the register, from which the information is passed on to the Danish Psychiatric Central Research Register in Aarhus.


The register contains the following information on each person: Personal information (civil reg. no., local municipality), Start and end information, e.g. admission and discharge information, the time of any incidents over the course of an illness, diagnosis, examinations and treatment information - including surgery, information on accidents, the cause of passive waiting periods as well as supplementary information regarding births.

Accessing the data

Contact the Danish Health Authority


The information in the register is based on monthly reports from the hospitals. Information on the total number of discharges, outpatient contacts and emergency department contacts in a calendar year cannot be expected for data processed in the autumn until the following year.

Period covered