The Social Pensions Register

The aim of the register

The register contains information on social conditions, health and the judicial system.         

Responsible authority

The National Social Appeals Board


Peter Elmer Lauritsen
Tel +45 39 17 32 23


Approx. 200,000 observations


In addition to information about the case itself (participation in preventive measures, pension status, case type, decision, start date, decision date, the basis for the decision, diagnosis and number of obtained doctor’s certificates), the register contains background information on the applicants (civil reg. no., citizenship, local municipality, marital status, income, number of children, partner’s income, employment, position and company type).

Accessing the data

The National Social Appeals Board can access the data. Following an assessment, access to the data may also be granted for research purposes on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, data may be purchased from the register against payment.


The data is updated at the end of each quarter to include the decisions made during the previous quarter.


All Danish municipalities and social boards complete an eight page report form, which they submit to the National Social Appeals Board. All municipalities and boards submit a hard copy with the exception of two municipalities (Aarhus and Odense), who submit their reports electronically.

Period covered

1996-2001 and onwards