The Danish Central Crime Register

The aim of the register

The register aims to record decisions, etc. in criminal cases for use in criminal procedures.

Responsible authority

The National Commissioner of Police

Contact person

There is no contact person as such. The citizen in question may request to have his/her criminal record issued for personal use.

Mid- and West-Jutland Police
Administrative Center 
Kriminalregisteret (The Crime Register)
PO Box 1399
7500 Holstebro
Tel.: +45 7020 1399
Telephone hours: Monday-Tuesday 10.00-15.00; Wednesday: closed, Friday 10.00-13.00


You can read more about who is registered in the the Central Crime Register on
The Ministry of Justice’s ministerial order regarding the register can be downloaded on


The variables are listed in appendix 2 of the ministerial order. Rules for deleting information from the sections concerning the decision or investigation can be found in appendices 3 and 4 of the ministerial order respectively.

Accessing the data

The individual citizen can only access the information printed on a criminal record for personal use. Citizens can only access the information registered in the section pertaining to the investigation according to chapter 7 of the ministerial order.


The Danish Central Crime Register is a so-called On-line system and is updated on a regular basis by police districts and the departments of the National Commissioner of Police.


In addition to the ongoing updates to the Danish Central Crime Register, names etc. are also updated via the Danish Civil Registration System (CPR).

Period covered

1 November 1978.  From this date onwards, the types of information stipulated in appendix 2 of the ministerial order have been registered. Previous information from the police’s manual register has been converted and updated in the Danish Central Crime Register to a certain extent.