The Mortality and Occupation Database

The aim of the register

The Mortality and Occupation Database aims to form a basis for analyses of the correlation between mortality and occupation.

Responsible authority

Statistics Denmark


Special Consultant Lisbeth Lavrsen
+45 3917 3103

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The Danish population distributed by gender and age at a given time. The register is based on the population from the Population and Housing Census of 09/11/1970 as well as the population on 01/01/1981, 01/01/1986 and 01/01/1991. The population is delimited to people aged 15-75. In analyses, the population is typically delimited to people aged 20-64.


Number of persons, number of person years and number of deaths. The number of person years are calculated as the time passed between the counting of the population and the emigration date, the date of death or the period end date, depending on which date comes first. A person who emigrates is only counted as being at risk until the date of emigration.

Accessing the data

Contact Statistics Denmark


Ad hoc (publications every five years)


The Population and Housing Census of 1970 as well as the population on 1 January 1981 and every five years thereafter. Other sources include the Register of Causes of Death as well as the information on emigration/disappearances. Besides, as of 1980, the register uses data from the Employment Classification Module, the Educational Classification Module as well as the register regarding income compensating benefits (the Coherent Social Statistics)

Period covered



Statistiske Undersøgelser no. 37, Dødelighed og erhverv 1970-75, Statistiske Undersøgelser no. 41, Dødelighed og erhverv 1970-80.
Publication: Dødelighed og erhverv 1981-1995. Statistics Denmark, June 2001. The studies contain a detailed description of the data and method.
The studies also contain results from a special survey in the publication “Sociale forskelle i dødeligheden i Danmark” by Middellevetidsudvalget (3), the Danish Ministry of Health 1994.