The Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings (BBR)

The aim of the register

The register aimed to establish a baseline register about building and housing conditions for the use of property assessment, population and housing censuses, and statistical purposes.

Responsible authority

The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs, website:


All developed properties in Denmark.


Each individual building’s identification, location, purpose, year of construction, technical conditions, layout and electric installations. Each individual residential or business unit’s identification, purpose, size, layout, electric installations and tenancy.

Accessing the data

The BBR can answer questions about payment for the register’s information and their disclosure. If you are interested in acquiring information about more than one property from the register or getting direct access to the register, please contact the BBR. Access the register HERE
Information regarding a specific property can be acquired by contacting the municipality in which the property is located.


The municipalities submit regular reports to the register.

Period covered