Stanley Medical Research Institute

NCRR participates in the “Stanley Program for Epidemiology, Prevention and Treatment of Schizophrenia” (SPECTS), supported by the Stanley Medical Research Institute. 

The SPECTS Program consists of eight international leading laboratories, examining Gene-Environment interactions that may increase the risk of developing psychiatric disorders. These studies are important for the understanding of how both genetic disposition and environmental exposure play an important role in the development of mental illnesses. 

The SPECTS Program is dedicated to developing biomarkers used to predict onset and progression of these mental illnesses. This is achieved by analysing the samples and data from various population registers, and by collecting data and samples from patients at various stages of their mental illness to examine the Gene-Environment Interaction. 

In addition to NCRR, other leading international research centres are involved in the SPECTS Program located at John Hopkins University, Karolinska Institute, WRAIR, University of Cambridge, Sheppard Prad, University of Michigan and University of Pittsburgh.

For more information, please visit the SMRI-website: Stanley Medical Research Institute