“Centre for Integrated Register-based Research” – CIRRAU - was established at Aarhus University in 2012. CIRRAU facilitates interdisciplinary register-based research in the academic areas of social sciences, health sciences and elements from natural sciences.

Records on the entire Danish population from cradle to grave have been collected for decades. Most of this information has been recorded for administrative purposes. However, Danish legislation also allows Danish researchers to utilize data to perform research of public relevance and importance.

Researchers within CIRRAU have acquired permission to establish a database at Statistics Denmark. This database provides the necessary data infrastructure to support and conduct register-based studies. In addition, the research potential of CIRRAU is further enhanced by linkage to collections of biological material and genetic information on 80,000 Danes from the Danish Neonatal Screening Bank located at Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen. 

CIRRAU provides a data solution that constitutes the foundation of register-based analyses carried out in scientific programs, supported financially by the Lundbeck Foundation, TrygFonden, The Stanley Medical Research Institute, EU, The Simon Foundation and NordForsk.

For more information please visit the CIRRAU-website