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Depression and cancer

Lung cancer and psychatric illness

Increased mortality among psychiatric patients in the Nordic countries. A joint Nordic project

Are bipolar illness and schizophrenia overlapping diseases? A new statistical model

Acute and transient psychotic disorders

Family history of schizophrenia/bipolar disorder

Homicide and psychiatric disorders

Cause specific mortality and psychiatric illness among adoptees in comparison to the general Danish population

Pharmacoepidemiological studies of CNS drugs

Adoption studies of genetic and environmental influences on morbidity and mortality

Reproductive events and women's mental health - Epidemiologic register-based studies on how elective abortions, miscarriages, childbirths and motherhood influence risk of onset and recurrence of mental disorders

Psychiatric illness and crime - A population-based register study of occurrence, development over time and effects of intervention

Psychiatric admission among first-degree relatives as a risk factor for increased mortality

Influence of intracranical hypertension and cerebral perfusion pressure on morbidity and mortality in severe cranium trauma

Fetal growth and risk of meningococcal disease

Health Consequences of regional differences in heart diagnostic procedures

Faktorer af betydning for kontaktforløb og udgifter i terminal cancerpleje (Determinants for the course and costs of terminal cancer episodes of care).

Skader forårsaget af forsætlig vold i Odense Kommune 1991 - 2000 (Injuries caused by deliberate violence in Odense Municiparity 1991 - 2000).

A New Look on the Epidemic of Diabetes: Evidence from a Danish Pharmacoepidemiologic Database.

New Statistical Methods for Estimation of Prevalence, Incidence and Mortality Based on Pharmacoepidemiological and other Health-related Databases